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Operating Organically: Why We Love Organic Business

The word “organic” is popping up more and more in business. Organic drycleaners, organic nail salons, organic pest control, it’s everywhere! We at little Miss Recycle couldn’t be happier about it!

We keep an eye out for Austin Companies that contribute to lowering our city’s carbon footprint. This month, we visited Organic Bronze a new tanning salon in The Domain Shopping Center’s beauty row. We’re going to tell you about it and how Organic Bronze, and businesses like it, are forces for change.

Let Us Introduce You to Organic Bronze

Visiting the opening of Organic Bronze could only be described as grand! We were warmly invited by bright smiles and soothing music, to a wonderfully adorned outdoor space. Gabi and Rei the co-owners introduced themselves and began telling us about the vision they have for their burgeoning businesses.

Grand Opening of Organic Bronze Tanning Salon May 17, 2017

Their salon features organic products that are healthier for the client and gentle on the environment. Organic Bronze has chosen Aviva and New Gorgeous tanning solutions. Aviva eliminates harmful ingredients like alcohol, artificial fragrance, and mineral oils that are commonly found in airbrush tanning solution. New Gorgeous is Vegan and Cruelty free. They also offer The Lido Swimwear designed by local designer Brooke Ulrich.

These products are a part of their goal of health and wellness. Currently the pair own Massage Sway, Organic Bronze has just opened, next Austin Juicery will open downtown completing their health and wellness trifecta.

Gabi and Rei co-owners of Massage Sway and the new Organic Bronze

What’s the difference?

Out with old, solar lamps are used less and less and for good reason. They damage the body but also soak up energy. Chemical tanning solutions accumulate in our ecosystem, as they run down drains they permeate our lakes, rivers, and public water systems. That water evaporates into the air, into our atmosphere, and then re-saturates the Earth. All life on Earth is dependent on the water cycle and thus exposed to hazardous chemicals, causing sickness to us and to our planet. When businesses make a change, such as opting for organic products, that one change can have multiple benefits to the environment.

Small businesses are more easily able to adapt to cleaner products and practices as they can be timelier to produce and costly to implement initially, as opposed to their chemical counterparts.

There is no doubt it may take some sacrifices for companies to do this so we applaud those who do. May we able be determined to seek out and support those operating organically.

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