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Sunny Days Ahead

Texas is home to the largest supply of one of our countries natural resources and it is a cash cow! Did oil come to mind, think again, Sun is our most abundant natural resource. We get more sun than any other state and now is the time to take advantage of that with Solar power.

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) held a luncheon the month to discuss the Texas Solar Market. Charlie Hemmeline, an Executive Director with Texas Solar Power Association, explained how we will see Solar Power grow not only in Texas but across the United States.

Over 1 million installations of solar power are in the U.S. now, in fact 30% of new electricity last year was solar! The cost of installing solar power has decreased 88% in the last 9 years, and with it becoming more cost effective more people are adopting this sustainable energy.

The effects are trickling down to us in Texas. We have the greatest electrical need because of our size and industrial industry. With the amount of sun that shines over our great state we could support much of our energy needs through solar power, however natural gas, coal, and wind make up the majority of our energy sources.

Organizations Like Texas Solar Power Association are working to change that. Innovations in architecture are allowing many spaces to be dual purpose! Car ports for example are being designed with covering that is made from solar panels. Major retailers are including Solar panels in their design. Apple, Target, and Walmart stores are using their rooftops to house solar panels for their energy needs.

Competitive net metering allows credits to be given to customers for their solar power. Facilitation on installation is available as well to help make the transition easier. Making Solar power an affordable, easy transition for residential use and innovation allowing large structures to build with solar in mind. We are sure to see sun energy rise!

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